Interview with Elke Van den Brandt

Minister Elke Van den Brandt and her policy vision for Brussels

Interview avec Andrea Rea (ULB) Enkel in het Frans/Only in French

Le Prof. Andrea Rea, ULB, analyse les développements au cours des dernières décennies dans le domaine de la culture politique, de la politique migratoire et de la politique d’intégration en Belgique.

17 May: International Day Against Homophobia and Transphobia

This is a podcast produced in cooperation between the Dutch Embassy in Brussels, the Permanent Representation of the Netherlands in the EU and MigratieMuseumMigration on the occasion of Idahot (International day against homophobia and transphobia), 17 May. Two habitants from Brussels, Olave Basabose and Biser Alekov, talk to each other. The podcast deals with a different theme per language.

Interview with Margot Cloet

Ms. Margot Cloet, Director of Zorgnet Icuro, on residential care centers, vaccination, elderly care and policy in Brussels.

Interview with Sammy Mahdi

Johan Leman visiting Secretary of State Sammy Mahdi for a short and good conversation about his asylum and migration policy

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